About Us

Finding the right car dealer in Detroit, MI, is about finding three things. You want to find an automobile company that is trustworthy. You need a dealership that is competitively priced. Finally, you have to make sure that the dealership you go to actually has a selection of cars and trucks you are interested in purchasing. Without all three of these boxes checked off, you might as well go someplace else.

Luckily, Parnell Enterprise easily meets all three of these standards. Not only do our trustworthy dealers keep our prices affordable, including offering financing options, but we also have cars that nobody else does. None of our competitors have close to the selection we do, especially when it comes to premium vehicles.

Treating You with the Respect You Deserve

When you purchase or rent vehicles from our dealership, you are working with true professionals that recognize your importance as a customer and want to show you how thankful we are through superior customer service. While some other companies may require their own driver to pick you up, especially when it comes to renting premium vehicles, we allow you to pick up the vehicle you need and drive it away without any hassle.

Not only that, but we offer better quality vehicles than most of our competitors while keeping our prices very competitive. Why go somewhere else and get a base model, when you can come to us and get the car of your dreams for the same price? We have a vehicle for every situation and are proud to be a one-stop shop for all of your car dealership needs.

Higher Quality for Less Money

Registered with the state of Michigan, our family-owned-and-operated dealership is the perfect source for all of your automobile rental, leasing, and sales needs. We started this company after our owner decided to stop working for another rental car company and start doing things for himself.

He saw an opportunity to improve the way customers rent and purchase cars and knew that the only way those changes would be implemented is if he opened his own company. Now, customers throughout the area are able to enjoy higher quality vehicles and better customer service for less money.